For Mysh 325crew (Belarus) for Punk rock without borders compilation and zin May 2005



Hello! Try to answer for some questions...

1) Why DEZINFEKCE, not DIZENTERIA or anything else?

It is not so long story... short after the birth of the band we have changed many different names (sometimes very strange ones). We want to have a stable name before the first show and DEZINFEKCE was the only one acceptable for all members of the band. We were three fresh cutted 16 or 17 yrs old punx that time (1991). Our music and line-up has changed but the name remains.


2)Some words,kidz, 'bout diy punk/hc scene in Czech(as I know all'a'great?)For example in Belarus we have a lot of problem with police,so in best causes,in Minsk (capital of Belarus)gig take place once a month...

...it is different city to city – there is quite strong scene in northern Bohemia and of course in Prague and Brno – generally we can say in every bigger city. I think the scene is well connected now in comparison with the state several years ago. Most of people active in the scene know each other and if I speak about active people it means not only musicians but all people who are able to do something. The cooperation among them (or us) is not ideal in many cases but I think we can call it a success anyway. There is lot of shows in our city (Ceske Budejovice) it is one or two shows in month, but there are also a big number of shows which take place in the villages nearby the cities. Personally I think there are a lot of shows in the Czech Republic and if you take a look at http://czechcore.cz or on http://punkmusic.cz you find a punk or HC gig almost everyday. But it should be done the line between the people who do something – and it is not so big number and people who only consume the music and who always know better what to do without any tendency to try to do anything...


3)What's the political situation in Czech republic? I have heard there're a lot of nazi boneheads in your area,isn't it?(in Minsk exists nazi-movement WOLVES-skinheads,so sometimes we have street fights with these stupified jerks)

...I have always thought for a lot of years that I’m living in quiet, safe and bit boring place… Last year there were three bigger nazi assaults in our city if I good remember in very short period. The first incident took place one bar on the periphery where 2 black students had to be carry away to the hospital with serious wounds, in the next one case I was eyewitness ‘cause our show was attacked by the group 10 or 15 boneheads - fortunately they were beaten up but one friend of mine was stabbed – attendant city police did absolutely nothing – but the case start to interest the state police – it’s paradox – only thanx to the wound of my friend – now (one year ago} will finally start a trial with these boneheads. Finally the third attack was again in the same pub as was the first one – a bar visitor - Canadian can’t speak Czech enough for the group of local nazis (by the way it is more than probable the same ones again) and all ends in hospital.

All these three assaults happen within one or two months. What was really funny was a speech of our mayor in the local TV – “there are no nazi attacks or racially motivated violence in our city. The city police is monitoring the situation” – The city police! – from one half bunch of former boneheads!

The number of boneheads in Czech Republic has significantly grown up in the early 90’s with bands like Orlik or Branik – very popular pro-patriotic (nazi) oi bands released on major labels – for example it was very dangerous to use underground in Prague, the boneheads were almost everywhere in bigger cities. In our city there was the most dangerous place the bus station. This situation has ended after two or three years – some of them were arrested some of them leave the nazis when came older. From this time the boneheads are more hidden but also well organized and dangerous. And one speciality at the end …Daniel Landa (former Orlik singer} became a popstar in our country – however he’s the same jerk like years ago.


4)What U know 'bout diy scene in Belarus,Russia?

Not as much as I want to... the first one thing I have heard about Belarusian punx was that they have to organize concerts in Poland ‘cause it is impossible to run concert in own country – I don’t know if it was truth – it is more than three years ago I think. Now everything I know is related to your website www.375crew.org and have read Belarus punk scene review in www.punkinternational.com . From the Russian punk scene I have heard about Spitfire, Distemeper and Grazhdanskaya Oborona – some people told me that they’re (or were) too patriotic - I really don’t know. It is caused by fact that I have unfortunately forgot the language – I have studied Russian for 4 years but I have finished it in 1989 – now I think it was a mistake. Now I’m able to speak, read and understand Russian only very poor.


5)The most amazing show,shortly describe it

I don’t know... maybe the 15th birthday show of Zemezluc band (a punk legend from Moravia from Brno)...we played instead of some band who can’t play from any reason...we weren’t on posters, we play first and we expect it won’t be something special...during our soundcheck there were about 50 persons in hall for about 500-600 people... When we started (20 min. later} the hall was quite full, after several songs first lines started pogo dancing...what was the biggest surprise was a group of maybe 50 people who sing along our lyrics with us. Of course we have played wilder and also better shows but this one I will remember ‘cause It was a great surprise at the moment I expected it at least.


6)What you think about sxe,veganism,militant-hardline edge?..

I think it is great idea to start first with my ownself – and in my opinion this is universal for any useful activity. Unfortunately any movement has its share of fanatics fascinated by violent phrases and clichés. For better understanding I’m a vegetarian for 12 years but I think that the militant poses of such people are the most stupid way which cannot help anything...


7)Many people consider LINKIN BIZKIT -hardcore;SUM 182-punk...What you think about?

Just a bunch of puppets with would-be forceful gestures ... I think (I believe) they won’t haveany chance to steal punk and HC from people who are really interested...


8)Some last words for people reading this zine...

Don’t care for someone who tries to dictate you what is or is not the real punk – don’t be lazy use your head and make your own punk


For Tony from Trashanddie January 2003

got some questions here for you, take your time, and try to get as many opinions from your band as possible.

q1..hey maxeek, lets start with a breif intro, who's in the band?, who plays what?, and where your from.

Well we’re from Ceske Budejovice in southern Bohemia / Czech Republic. Band’s current line up is Karel – guitar and backing vocals, Maxeek – bass, vocals, Fla-ska - drums

q2..give me a little history on yourselves, how long have you been together?.

Dezinfekce started in Fall 91 – we were all 16 years old and we pretended that we can play. First show we ever played was my birthday party about one year later. First “official” gig was in April 1993 and took place in Gerbera club in Ceske Budejovice. Than came several changes in line up – after long period of uncertainty the result was following – Maxeek remained from old line up, Karel joined the band in 1993 and Flaska in 1995. This is is the core line up it remains stable and surprisingly vital and exists for seven years. We have released two demo tapes (in 1996 and 1999) one live three split with Better Way and PBJP (in 1998) and finally a split EP with svině! (in 2002) we also have several of our songs on different compilations in Czech, Poland and thanks to you in UK too. We plan to record something new this year but we still have no rehearsal room after big flood in summer 2002 and it will mean a big delay for sure.

q3..max, i've got to admit i'm a bit ignorant to the scene in the czech rep, i mean i've heard bands like ''see you in hell'' ''diskriminaze'' but thats about it. tell me a little bit more about the general scene altogether.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> I guess it is about hundreds of punk and hardcore bands here in our country. There are several punk bands which survived from the commie era till today. On the one hand “legends” – who are trying to sell their former glory and on the other hand real legendary bands (in my opinion) who are into DIY way of thinking. I can give you several names P.S., Zemezluc (they have played in UK too), Insania, N.V.U., Šanov 1...

Lot (maybe most) of bands was established in first half of 90’s ‘cause being punk suddenly became to be something let’s say  “legal”. Punk and hardcore became a fashion for several years. In mid 90’s there was a big decrease of interest for this kind of music but the people who remain are mostly still very active in the scene. There are several places where the scene is very strong Prague, Northern Bohemia, Brno, Strakonice, it’s a quite an advantage to be part if it – in touring, recording, promotion etc.. I think you can find punk bands in each bigger town.   If I should speak about zines it’ll be for sure Hluboka orba (made by Filip from SeeYou In Hell), Papagajuv Hlasatel, Kore, Reskator, Noise master (from Šakal – author of the scene report I have sent to you) Choroba mysli and some more political zines like A-kontra and Konfrontace. There is also a lot of  web sites with information from the scene (gigs, releases, political stuff, galleries, reviews, mp3‘s...) in my opinion the most used and most important are http://czechcore.cz, http://www.punkmusic.cz, http://dirtymusic.wz.cz. There are also some labels dayfter records, minority records and malarie records are the oldest ones then came papagajuv hlasatel records, Insane distribution, silver rocket records, samuel records, badman records, pohoda records, cecek records the list could be very long. I think there’s more cooperation among bands and generally among people in the scene when I’ll compare it with situation in the past .

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> There is nothing special when we should speak about actions and gigs in our city. Sometimes are people wondering how is it possible  ’cause it’s a district capitol. There are currently three clubs here, first one shouldn’t pretend to be a club and remaining two are living with disco, techno or oldies parties. Sometimes there’s a possibility to organize a punk or HC show in these clubs. What’s really interesting that in smaller towns in are clubs where is a pretty good audience on shows and where plays a lot of bands (foreign bands are not an exception). These club are Pohoda bar in Vodnany, Kashe in Strakonice, Orion in Tabor and Paluba in Pisek. The main cause of good functioning of these clubs lies in fact that there’s a crew of people who are really living for the music or (better example) they’re club owners. If I should speak about the rest of Czech republic there’s a well-known punk/HC club 007 Strahov in Prague (see http://www.klub007strahov.cz/ ). There’s a ton of other clubs in Prague Futurum, Rock café, Milada squat and Papirna squat and lots of others. In other citities and towns there is club Podletna in Teplice, club Otevreny svet in Litvinov, Divadlo pod Lampou in Pilsen, club Houba in Horazdovice, club Vrah in Roznov pod Radhostem, clubs Roxor and Vagon in Havl. Brod under good management of our friend Cecek, there are also several clubs in Brno Fan Favorit, Musilka, Mydlo. There are loads of bands in our town. Now there’s a problem to find a rehearsal after big flood and it means a real decrerase of activity in local scene. Speaking about bands from Czech republic I should mention (except SYIH and Diskriminace) Delusion,Lumen, Ravelin7, Thema11,P.S.,Gride,Anyway,Gnu,Co-Ca,Telefon (maybe they split up dunno) Exekuce, Zeměžluč,Insania,Kevorkian,Suffer,Ucházím,Deverova chyba,P.V.A and tons of others

q4 to follow on from there, what state is the czech scene in at the moment?, is it healthy, are there plenty of up and coming bands?, or is it in any sort of decline?

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> I think the number of bands is increasing in every kind of punk from crust to pop punk and back again. What is a little bit sad is the fact that there are isolated parts of the scene – it’s completely not about bands (‘cause they cooperate very good and know that most of things in the scene can work thanx to this cooperation); it is but about people who’re not respecting opinion of someone else. There are inner (mostly oral) fights - skins and rude boys vs. anarchists and left-punx etc. – what’s funny is the fact that both sides are speaking about unity. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I still think that being punk is not only about listening to music, mohawks or boots it is more about your own activity. I’d rather to speak with people who disagree with me but they do somethin’ (gigs, animal rights, ecology) than with a crowd of drunk imbeciles who are spitting on everything they don’t understand with words “that’s fucking politics.” I think the situation in our scene is the same in every country. There is a lot of newcomers, lot of posers but also a lot of people who are always ready to help and who are really keen on things in the scene. I think it would be great when people in the scene smash their poses and phrases and start to use their heads for thinking.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> I think it’s something like see-saw (up’n’down at the same moment). I think now it’s quite good. There are lot of opportunities to play and band which is not absolutely lazy should be afraid of long time without shows. The number of bands is higher and higher, lots of younger guys, it’s good – definitely better than watching TV.

q5..who are your influences within the punk scene, and anyone else in general?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> Musically, it’ll be a long list of bands with the Clash and Telex (legendary punkcore Czech band) on the beginning and with At the drive in and Refused at the end – and the end remains still opened. I think we try to use what we have absorbed from the music in our own way. If I should mention a person it’ll be Jello Biafra and several favorite writers – Borghes, Chomsky, Palahniuk, Koerner, Keller

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> Whooh it will be tons of bands – definitely Exploited,Nomeansno,Dayglow Abortion,Dead Kennedys,Discharge, early period of czech band Visací Zámek,Šanov,Telex,P.S. and almost all czech punk veterans. In more general level? I can’t remember a concrete person.

q6..personally, i love a wide range of punk styles, from pop punk (a la ramones) to your thrash/grind style bands. how do you feel about this?, do you like similar?, or are you pretty much into the style you play?

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> I have my favourites in each kind of punk music but there is of course something I prefer. I think in my case it is more about bands I like than about style or sub-genre.   I like bands which play strange music which has lot influences like Nomeansno, Voivod or Refused and JR Ewing. I don’t like when bands are using the same formula again and again like in Californian pop punk.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> I’m not only into “our” style. I listen to everything except brass music, techno and similar piece of shit. I like punk, emo, grind, crust HC,ska - everything.

q7..i suppose the next question is, who are you listening to at present? ( and i don't mean right this minute  haha)

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> Now I’m into Swedish bands from Burningheart records - Refused, TINC, Hives, Division of Laura Lee, Turbonegro and right now I’m listening to Hope Conspiracy. If I should speak about “long time” favorites it would be Dead Kennedys, SOIA (old stuff), Entombed, So much hate, the Clash, Voivod, Nomeansno, Outlast, Slayer and Czech bands Insania, P.S. and F.P.B.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> Now I listen to  Voivod, Neurosis, Primus, Refused, Citizen fish, Insania, Lumen,Entombed, Sick of it all, Resist, P.S, Suicidal Tendencies, Deadzibel, and Chemical Brothers, and several ska bands too..

q8..you've just released a 7' ep on pohoda records  czech rep, was this self financed? or did the label its self release this for you?. the next part of the question is, what is

the cost in your country to release 7' cds, personally i find here its quite expensive.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> The seveninch was partly self-financed. We decided for split EP on one common show. The first impulse came from drummer of Svine! Michal who is a leader of Pohoda records, our friend and fan. He’s able to arrange most of needed things relating to release. Our share was 1/5 – it means 100 pcs of black vinyl. The release of vinyl is very expensive however there’s one (maybe the only one in whole central Europe) factory producing vinyl records in the Czech Republic in Lodenice. The vinyls are distributed mostly abroad Czech people prefer CD or tape.

q9..to follow on from there i prefer  vinly to cds, what do you prefer and why?

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> It depends on situation I like vinyl but I use to listen to music mostly in walkman or discman ‘cause I have not enough time.  When I’m listening to vinyl records it’s like small celebration that’s why I like it.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> I like vinyl but I’d like to have our next release rather on tape and CD ‘cause it is very hard to sale a vinyl in Czech Republic. What’s sadder that they destroyed a sound of the release on the vinyl in the factory. And you feel like shit ‘cause your effort to have a good sound goes suddenly to hell.

q10..whats next for dezinfekce?, i know i'm gonna release a cd-r comp with some of your tracks on there, but what else do you have planned?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>>  & <<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> It is always fine when someone is interested in your music and the opportunity to have some of our songs on compilation abroad is also inviting. Plans for the future? We plan to record new stuff; it should be about 10 or 11 songs. It should be already recorded but in case you have no rehearsal it’s impossible. We suppose that the record will be out on Pohoda records and Papagajuv Hlasatel records (one label for CDs and second one for tapes). We also plan a lot of gigs - this year we have played about 30 shows - the plan is clear - more than 30! There are some plans for tour through Poland Austria Germany and Slovakia - we’ll see.

q11..now for a few political questions, i hope you don't mind?. here in the uk recently we've had a rise in people voting for far-right party's ie b.n.p, whats the situation in your country, with shit like this?, and how do you see things turning out in europe as a whole regarding the interest in the far-right?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> There were several efforts of ultra right groups (mainly naziskins or former naziskins) to unite and become a real political party. Last one effort was about half year ago. Fortunately they were not able to unite and the government refused their application. There exists one ultra right party – Republicans – they were really strong in mid 90’s - they were in parliament too. Now they’re only surviving. What’s interesting is that the leader of Czech Republicans is very similar to Mr. Bean – but I think he’s more silly than that one in TV.

This is the official situation. The real picture is really not so ideal. There is a lot of naziskins and nazis who have silent support of the majority because unfortunately most of Czech people hate foreigners and also (and before all) gypsies and coloured men. There are Aryan Resistance, Blood and Honour, Bohemian Hammerskins... Each year is someone killed or wounded by these bastards. What is more sad there are big sympathies for nazis and rascist among police. In my town there is about 50 per cent of city policemen former or current naziskins. There exists also a lot of anti nazi groups which are trying to distribute via internet a list of militant nazis with pictures and addresses, they organize meetings etc. I think the most important one is AFA.

Far right parties in Europe? I just hope that the situation in the rest of Europe is better but when I see Le Pen or Haider I think I’m too optimistic.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> I’m usually not interested in politics. The power has Social Democratic party in the czech Republic.

q12..regarding ''war on terrorism'', how do you feel about bush/blair wanting to start a war with iraq?, and what's the general feel about this in your country?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> If I can judge the situation here the general feeling is that we (Czech people) can’t decide such a big thing. Respectively no one let us decide it or no one will respect a decision of such small country. Czech people (in my opinion) don’t want any war ‘cause it means we’ll have to pay for it and it means higher taxes. Nothing more…

I think the politicians in US and UK are using a very old trick. When you evoke in people a feeling that they’re endangered you can control them much better. Suddenly you have argument for everything from non-respecting of human rights to political liquidation of your enemies. An artificial crisis is sometimes very good tool for keeping order.

Next one thing is that they try to criminalize whole Islamic world and culture. I think the propaganda for this war is made really in Josef Goebel’s way – they want to force us to believe that every Arabian is a terrorist. I think that our problem is that we are not able to accept that Islamic world is not fully dependent on us and do not want to be controlled.

On the other hand I really won’t look for any excuses for real terrorist activity. I think there are controlled figures on both sides European and Arabic and it’s completely up to us to start do something with it.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> I don’t want to speak instead of people I can’t know. But my personal opinion relating to Bush is that one: he must be an extraordinary nincompoop and he should be jailed in lunatic asylum. He looks like he knows everything. What’s bad he’s most powerful one and partly he really can do anything he wants. Okay terrorism is a crap of course but the war with Iraq can’t solve anything. The probable final result will be that the number of ordinary Arabic people who are against US and Europe and terrorist’s organization will increase over the level of control. That will be the very moment when we fall in the deep shit.

q13..what would your ideal world be?, how would you like to see things in the future?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> I think that it must be based on tolerance. I’m pretty sure that there doesn’t exist any ideology or system that is so perfect that will satisfy all people. I think that we have to learn how to respect the opinions of others rather than hide own ego with future revolutions and populist ideologies. I got absolutely nothing against active people! I personally count myself among them. I just don’t want to drown in phrases and poses. I think ideal world will be that one where can exist different communities with different point of view abreast.

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> It’s a very hard question. I think there is each time anything what will mind in every system. It’ll be great of course the world without killing, starvation, shooting, without racial prejudices. But I should be realistic.

well enough of that, politics is a mind numbing thing to talk about, although serious. i think i'll go dring a few cans of fosters, how a bout you?.

Today is Friday yeah I think a need to have a rest…

q14.. are you planing any tours of europe?, and how about the uk?, i'd love to put you on tour here.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> Well, actually we plan several shows in neighboring countries. You should know if we’re good enough for UK. European tour seems from our side be more financial question than anything else. UK tour? Maybe when we’ll be able to book a tour through Germany and France with lot of gigs…

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> European tour - that sounds really good to me but I dunno. I think it won’t be so soon, we still don’t have enough contacts on people who helps us with tour. The band (us three) can’t do such thing without help.  But who knows maybe we’re lucky bastards.  We’ll arrive to UK when you’ll book several show dates for us – let us know…

q15 well guys, thats about it, have you any last requests/words you'd like to add, and where the folks can get your stuff from?.

<<<maxeek, voc, bass>>> …don’t believe in phrases and use your heads….and thanx for interest

<<<karel, g, bgvoc>>> You can buy our releases in all Czech distros. Demotape “1650 secs” is no longer available but sometimes you can find it in smaller or non-Czech distribution. Our split seveinches you can buy directly from band or from label Pohoda recs. http://www.rbpohoda.net  or you can find it in most of Czech distros.  The first demo “nekdo jinej” is sold out  and it’s probable we’ll not to re-release. Maybe we’ll re-record several songs.

Many greetinx to all UK folks who listen to our stuff. Thanx for interview.



This one was made for a Soundsmag zine... (Spring Y2K+1)


Tell us a bit about what your music sounds like...I know it‘s hardcore but  what sort of evolution is there in it...?

<<<karel>>> [guitar, vox]: I’d say from the beginning till now we’ve been something within two styles – that is hardcore & punk, and sometimes we pop into ska or reggae, maybe bit of grind.

<<<maxeek>>> [bass, vox]: Okay, maybe I’m not the right person to response to it. I think that no one from any band will tell you that his/her original music is similar to music of any other band.  I think we accept all influences we like and because I’m „in“ (as a part of the process, a part of the music) I simply can’t decide what influence is the main one. All the oldschool vs. newschool and emo fights are flying by us.  If I want to describe the sound I should say that I  would like to stay on the crossroad of SOIA, NoMeansNo, Voivod and many others

<<<fla-ska>>>[drums] : after he had read several answers he said he has got similar opinion and that it is needless to repeat something twice and because he’s very lazy he told us that we’re  (maxeek & karel) his official speakers from now… 

What was your aim when you started the band?

<<<maxeek>>>: Start to play the music I like as loud as possible and play it for tons of people. Shout at the people all I’m pissed off about. There was only one problem I was 16 (now I’m 26) got lots of energy and I had to learn how to play first.

<<<karel>>>: I don’t remember exactly, probably to have a lot of fun and to show of in front of our friends that we’re able to do something. Maybe all together. In the course of time we saw it was work a while and we started to think about some travelling with the band.

Do you think you have achieved those goals from then and what can you see the future to be like?

<<<karel>>>: We can say we have. We’re quite well-known among the underground scene, we play relatively often we go abroad as well, we have our records released, it’s kinda OK. Of course it could be better. For the future… I’d like to make a bigger tour, a new CD, and maybe to get more familiar for people to be seen more.

<<<maxeek>>>: Playing for the people is maybe an eternal and most important goal and you can be never fully satisfied because it is like a drug. My screaming will probably stay forever my soul and brain cleanup. Future…I think it is the same in every band - play lots of great shows (of course abroad, too), every new song should be better than the previous one as well as every new release, meet the people who will listen to your lyrics

Do you have a message to spread... something you feel strongly about and express in your lyrics?

<<<karel>>>: This a question for my brother…

<<<maxeek>>>: …I’m writing lyrics… I see pretty much phrases everywhere – politicians, bands, friends – totally equal whichever level you choose. If there exists anything like my message it will be this one: don’t believe in phrases, I know it’s the cheapest, simplest and most comfortable way how to eliminate your doubts but the worst way how to solve anything, doubts are not a crime but a natural part of your thinking and no one should feel ashamed of them. You can accept the phrases, you can feel more sure, you can find a new identity in a crowd, you can feel harder, stronger and less responsible for all you have done, you can feel finally satisfied…is it worth it?…

Does your music go well with this message?

<<<maxeek>>>: … I hope so…

<<<karel>>>: …So is this

What is the scene in Czech Republic like (names of bands)? What do people listen to over there...?

<<<maxeek>>>: There are some punk bands which exist from the communist’s era or from early 90‘s Visací zámek, E!E, Plexis, NVÚ, Zemìžluè, Insania, some of them are on the major labels some believe in DIY and they’re all quite popular.
From newer bands it is:
ravelin 7, thema 11, kevorkian, see you in hell (with former members of Mrtva budoucnost), gride, delusion, better way, landmine spring, goodfoul, dread 101, dussander, balaclava, gnu, lvmen, suffer, amity, sunshine … it would be a very long list
If I should speak about our city (Ceske Budejovice) there are: we (dezinfekce), better way, 1982, diskriminace and tbc. It is different city to city - in my opinion the best scenes are in Prague, Northern Bohemia, Hradec Kralove, Strakonice but they’re quite isolated from the rest of bands…
People in the Czech Republic usually listen mainly to US bands, but they mostly support Czech (especially local) bands. Average amount of people on shows is from 40 to 50 – I think it’s not so bad.

<<<fla-ska>>>: loads of good bands, not enough space to run concerts

<<<karel>>>: I think the Czech scene got much better recently (I mean punk and HC). There are some people who try to do a lot for it – to organize concerts, to produce records of the bands etc. I’m glad I know some of them and I try to support them. There are plenty of bands here from the well-known it’s for example Plexis, Visaci Zamek, E!E, Insania, Našrot,  Zemìžluè, NVÚ then for instance Lvmen, Thema 11, Ravelin 7, Kevorkian, Delusion, Sunshine, Fastfood... I could cover the sheet of paper

Do you give much of your time to listening to any bands which are out of the Czech Republic or the obvious like the USA?

<<<karel>>>: I don’t have much time for it lately, but when I do, I listen to any band I like and I absolutely don’t care where they’re from or whether it’s metal, punk HC, jazz, ska, industrial or reggae. I don’t know anything about  listening-to-music situation in the USA, but  if it is true that US kids listen only to US bands, I think they’re not normal and they’re missing out a lot of very first-rate music-it’s their problem.

<<<maxeek>>>: I usually listen to music in my walkman, but when I want to listen to music properly I close the doors of my room and button up my gramophone and it’s not so often. I listen to Czech bands as well as foreign bands.

<<<fla-ska>>>: I listen to music nearly whole day, I definitely don’t confine myself to Czech bands or one and only genre.

Is there a strong feeling of solidarity between bands in your country (and Slovakia maybe??)?

<<<maxeek>>>: …don’t know if I can say strong but if I realize how small Czech Republic is and how many opportunities to play for people is here, despite of fact you play such marginal genre like punk or hardcore …I think here must be something like that.
Contacts with Slovak bands are relatively frequent lots of distros have Slovak releases respectively lots of Slovaks distribute Czech music. We  (band) are in a contact with Illegality – punk band from Topolcany – we played several shows with them and it was always cool.

<<<fla-ska>>>: I’d say it really wouldn’t work without solidarity among bands

<<<karel>>>: It depends. In my experience I get on and communicate better with the bands from further towns or from Slovakia, than with the bands from our town.

Are you guys then politically engaged in any way, and if yes, what do you think about the current situation from where you come from? 

<<<fla-ska>>> & <<<karel>>>: I’m not…

<<<maxeek>>>: … If I think it is a good thing I help (benefit concert, petition, demonstration) but I haven’t got my own political activities in this way. I’m keen mainly on ecological topics because it is my profession.
Current political situation in the Czech Republic…it is maybe about groundless but enormous hopes connected with EU (or access to EU)… I think the majority of people even don’t care about democracy or such strange things like ideas. They simply want to have the same living standard as in Germany – that’s all… 

We have already discussed how you guys see the future for the band but what of the future more generally (what with George Bush heading the States, Sharon in Israel...)? If your view is negative, by what means do you think we can change this...? Music helps?

<<<maxeek>>>: The politics is something like fun affair for puppets but I really don’t think it will change until the moment when the ordinary people (including myself) will be able to realize and undertake their own responsibility.  Music helps as an independent source of information and connection among people with similar opinion.

<<<fla-ska>>>: Who can’t take advice, can’t be helped. (an old Czech proverb)

We have an international promo project starting where we get bands from different countries, or continents together and get them to promote each other... What do you think about this?

<<<fla-ska>>>: That’s really great, all over the world there are good bands I’d love to hear.

<<<maxeek>>>: first off I’m convinced that it is needed…second off I think it must be an interesting job – and I’m really curious 

<<<karel>>>: It’s definitely a very good thing and I hope you’ll do well. This support among bands is very important otherwise none of the not-so-known bands would get anywhere, if they don’t have good contacts or enough money and they’ll stay only in home scene forever.

What type of bands, and from where would you promote?

<<<karel>>>: I listen to many styles but surely it would be bands like punk, HC, ska, crossover and similar. Personally I don’t care where they’re from, I don’t prefer any countries, but the problem is here again-where to take money for bands from America?

<<<maxeek>>>: I think karel has already said it…I got the same opinion…

<<<fla-ska>>>: I’ll support good music from anywhere.